Learn German: How do you introduce yourself in German?

Wie stellen Sie sich vor? | How do you introduce yourself in German?

Wortschatz & Redemittel: Über Hobbys sprechen.

Wortschatz: Hobbys/ Freizeitaktivitäten

In dieser Übersicht finden Sie wichtigen Wortschatz zum Thema Freizeit und Hobbys. Neben neuem Wortschatz finden Sie auch Redemittel.

Wortschatz Hobbys In meiner Freizeit

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Hier finden Sie unseren gesamten Wortschatz: Wortschatz | Vocabulary

Ein Quiz zum Thema “Hobbys” finden Sie hier: Quiz: Freizeitaktivitäten/ Hobbys

Sich vorstellen und andere Personen kennenlernen

How do you introduce yourself in German???

Sprakuko is going to introduce himself and is looking forward to meeting you. Try to answer. The green dialogue ballons contain useful phrases for you to start speaking right away.

Dialog Kennenlernen (2).jpg

Are you still thinking or already speaking? Wasn’t that difficult, right?

How to introduce yourself informally? And how to introduce someone in German?

Again the dialogue ballons contain useful phrases. Obtain the pronouns and try to find out as many pronouns as you can!

Dialog Kennenlernen + jemanden vorstellen.jpg

Are you still thinking or already introducing youself to other people?

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Die Verben “heißen” und “kommen”

How many personal pronouns did you count? 3, 4, 5 or even more? Sprakuko and his new friends illustrate the personal pronouns in German.

If you missed the first lessons, just scroll up for Sprakuko’s first introduction or for his first informal meeting with his new classmates Klara and David.

Die Personalpronomen (personal pronouns)


Can you already use the pronouns in a short sentence? Try to introduce yourself in German.


Do you remember the forms of the verbs heißen und kommenTry to fill in the blanks with the correct verb. Pay attention to the correct forms of the respective verb.

Sprechen Sie

Lesen Sie den Dialog laut vor. Fragen Sie andere Deutschlerner/-innen und lesen Sie den Dialog zu zweit.

Still thinking or already speaking?